Expected Impacts

SustaiNAVility will achieve a total primary energy savings of 79.46 GWh/year, and a renewable production of 8,542 MWh/year. Additionally, it will create new financing methods that will help to overcome the main barriers of the energy efficiency investments, and boost its implementation.

Project Performance Indicator


Measurement unit

Investments in sustainable energy triggered  by the PDA project within its duration


M €

Total requested funding


M €

Leverage factor


Energy savings triggered by the project within its duration


Primary energy savings triggered (GWh/year)

Renewable energy production triggered by the project within its duration


Renewable Energy production triggered (GWh/year)

Building capacities and skills


Number of people with increased capicity

Societal Impacts

Concerning societal impacts, the public buildings rehabilitated are used as social housing for  families with finantial difficulties which are not able to keep their homes warm, what has an important impact on health and comfort. SustaiNAVility will have an important societal impact as it will reduce energy bills bringing the described situation at the end and improving the quality of life of the people inhabiting these buildings.

Additionally, SustaiNAVility project aims to develop a proven methodology in 5 municipalities to apply in the process of Energy District Renovations, with the aim of achieving the highest quality, optimising time and resources, generalisable to the whole of Navarre.

Measures to Maximise the Impact

Communication, dissemination and exploitation are the three pillars for creating an appropriate strategy to maximise replicability of the project energy investments. The optimal and prompt utilisation of project results by relevant stakeholders requires an effective dissemination and exploitation strategy.