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Energy Rehabilitation Plan for 4,315 homes in 5 municipalities of the Pamplona District

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PAMPLONA, 15 Feb (Diario de Navarra) - The SustaiNAVility program will be developed in Ansoáin, Barañáin, Noáin, Villava and Zizur Mayor and will undertake, in a first phase, thermal envelopes in 438 homes with 7 million investment

‘SustaiNAVility’: Navarra will save more than 3 million a year in energy

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PAMPLONA, 5 Mar (Diario de Noticias) - With a duration of 3 years, the project, a new measure to promote efficient energy management, is guaranteed European funding of 1 million euros  

The SustaiNAVility program promotes the energy rehabilitation of 4,315 homes in five locations

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PAMPLONA, 15 Feb. (EUROPA PRESS) - The SustaiNAVility program will boost the energy rehabilitation of a total of 4,315 homes in five municipalities of the Pamplona Region. They are Ansoáin, Barañáin, Noáin, Villava and Zizur Mayor. In an immediate first [...]