Work Package Actions

WP1. Project Management

  • To manage the overall Project with respect to administrative, financial and technical issues

  • To ensure the proper communication and collaboration between all project partners

  • To ensure the completion of deliverables according to timeframe and foreseen budget

  • To monitor and report the status of the project to be able to take corrective actions in necessary

WP2. Public Investment in Sustainable Energy Projects

  • Initiate different measures with the aim of educating municipalities in the use of energy efficiency

  • Promote self-consumption of energy from renewable energy and energy savings in its two main facets: lower energy consumption and reduction of its associated costs

WP3. Retrofifting investments in public buildings

  • Energy retrofifting of a series of over 25 years-old social housing rental apartment buildings owned by public authorities => net-zero energy buildings / improving the uses comfort

  • To develop financial formulas that allow mobilising these and other similar proyects minimising the dependence of the current public subsidies

WP4. Retrofifting investments in private buildings

  • Energy renovation of buildings in social districts within Navarre => a Management Group and a Management Methodology per municipality which will allow carrying out Investment Proyects within 5 municipalities and after that, to execute such projects

  • Energy renovation of the buildings’ termal enclosures and energy efficiency improvement of the termal energy supply installations, including renewables

WP5. Private sustainable energy investments in industry and services

  • Investments for the fulfilment of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies measures projects implementation in the Industry and Services

  • Government of Navarre will analyse the possibility of increasing the existing tax deduction rate that incentivizes the investments in self-consumption energy facilities

WP6. Training and Capacity building

  • Specific training and capacity building activities for different users, suppliers, authorities and stakeholders involved in the projects.

  • Training of providers and regional financial services to assume funding and encouraging of SEPs

  • Manuals:

    • Energy and Public Local Administration

    • Energy management in buildings

    • Energy and self-consumption

    • Energy renovation of the buildings’ thermal enclosures

    • District Heating

WP7. Post-project replicability

  • Measurement of the energy savings

  • Innovative energy efficiency Financial Plans

  • Innovative energy models

  • Replication methodology based in all the partners knowledge and the projects experience

WP8. Communication and dissemination activities

  • To manage the communication and dissemination of the Project, taking into account that it is a key step to:

    • Implicate the stakeholders in the project activities

    • Promote the energy efficiency activities

    • Increase its visibility and its replication opportunities at regional and European level