• Continuous monitoring of the energy reality of Navarre through:
    a. The specific balances and indicators of Navarre
    b. The specific balances and indicators of the Administration of Navarre
    c. Constant contact and regular meetings with development agencies and groups of local entities
    d. Constant contact and periodic meetings with different sectors and areas related to energy management in Navarra
    i. Cooperatives
    ii. Transport
    iii. Industry
    iv. Commerce
    v. Housing / Society

  • Definition and management of grants calls for energy saving and efficiency, renewable energy, mobility and ESFL

  • Promotion and execution of sustainable projects in the ACFN

  • Reporting of fiscal detraction for individuals and companies

  • Promotion and execution of sustainable projects in the public and private sectors, mainly in the matter of:
    a. Photovoltaic
    b. Wind
    c. Biomass
    d. Sustainable mobility
    e. Self-consumption
    f. Distributed energy production
    g. Microgrids
    h. Savings and energy efficiency

  • Updating and execution of an R & D & I line related to energy that serves to boost energy management in Navarra.
    a. Training for technicians and professionals through courses, conferences, etc.
    b. Information and dissemination of:
    i. Calls for aid
    ii. Tax deductions
    iii. Projects and actions of reference
    iv. Balances and results of energy management

  • Awareness of energy management aimed primarily at society

  •  European project management: Sustainavility, Life Nadapta

  • Development of strategic projects of PEN 2030

  • Participation in the interdepartmental commission against climate change (CICC) and in the possible new energy agency of Navarre

  • Technical assistance to Councils and  Municipalities in Districts Renovation

  • Coordination between all the Technical Services and dwellings users ad owners

  • Design and development of Global Intervention Projects (GIP) at district and/or municipality scale, in terms of energy efficiency.

  • Technical assistance services for refurbishment and incorporation of renewable energy in public and private buildings

  • Public Tender for technical projects

  • Public  Tender for refurbishment works (Public Buildings)

  • Advisory and intermediation with financial Services (Private Buildings)

  • Advisory to users and owners  in Energy Management in buildings

  • Application for aids’ support (Public and Private Buildings)

  • Training Services (WP6)

  • Training Guides (WP6)

AIN ( is a Private Technological Center, owned by 115 industrial and services companies from Navarra, North of Spain. Among these companies, Automotive, Agro food, Paper, Chemical, Metal Mechanics and ICT sectors are represented.

These companies stand for 72% of the Navarra Industrial GDP of our Region. The company has participated as a partner or leader in more than 40 funded European projects in different areas. AIN employs 86 people and its turnover in 2018 was of € 6,55 M.

The expertise of the Industrial Development Unit of AIN is devoted to 1) advanced engineering solutions for industrial construction, efficient use of energy and environmental protection, 2) Unconventional systems for sensing, control and communications with activities in advanced predictive maintenance techniques and 3) advanced data processing techniques including image processing, data fusion or data mining.

In relation to this project there are 3 main specialization areas:

  • Energy efficiency and Energy Generation (gas and renewable energies) in the industrial sector for technological measures appropriated for the different processes and facilities.

  • Engineering for energy installation for the definition, design and implementation of energy efficiency and energy generation projects (gas and renewable energies).

  • Application of sensor technology, communication and data analysis for the management, monitoring and control of energy parameters which objective is to improve the energy efficiency of the processes and facilities.

AIN form part of the National Association of Energy Efficiency (Asociación de Empresas de Eficiencia Energética A3E ( since its establishment on 2010. We have a strong collaboration with the association participating in different work groups to develop manuals, guides and specific training programmes on Energy Efficiency for Industry.

Since 2014, AIN is associated to ADItech – Advanced Innovation and Technology Corporation. ADItech is a private entity that brings together Navarra technology centres in the fields of Agri-food (CNTA), Biomedicine (CIMA and Navarrabiomed – Fundación Miguel Servet), Energy (CENER) and Industry (AIN, CEMITEC). ADItech represents AIN in the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) and in the Sustainable Process Industry through resource and energy efficiency (SPIRE) – PPP.

During 2015, AIN obtained the recognition of Innovative Entrepreneurial Grouping (Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora AEI, as Industrial Transformation cluster), form the Spanish Minister of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.


The main role of AIN is to lead the mobilization of investments in industry and service companies (being leader of WP5).

Another role in the project:

  • Lead partner in Task 6.3 (WP6) Training of local SME´s to develop them as Local ESCO (Develop of 2 Local ESCO´s Business Models).

  • Collaboration in Task 6.5 Promotion of the activities.

  • Collaboration in WP 7: Post-Project Replicability.

Collaboration in WP 8: Dissemination and communication

The National Center for Renewable Energies (CENER) develops applied research in renewable energies and provides technological support to companies and energy institutions in six areas: wind, solar thermal and photovoltaic solar, biomass, energy efficiency and building and urban planning, and integration in network of energy. It is a technological center with recognized prestige and activity, both in Spain and in other countries.

Its Board of Trustees is formed by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, Ciemat, the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Government of Navarre.

CENER directs its work in three directions:

• Development of R + D + i projects for industrial applications.
• Provision of highly qualified testing services and component certification.
• Technical assistance and reporting on renewable technologies.

The activity of CENER covers the entire process of generating energy by renewable resources:

• Determination of the Renewable Resource.
• Development of Simulation and Design Tools.
• Development of Energy Generation Technology.
• Definition and realization of tests of components and complete systems.
• Evaluation of Technological Risks.
• Study of the Economic Viability of the projects.
• Development and application of Regulations.


1 – Certification: CENER has laboratories accredited by ENAC and recognized for carrying out tests within product certification schemes under international reference standards, operating as a laboratory for certification bodies, such as IECEE, IECRE, SRCC and Solar Keymark.

2 – Energy in buildings: The Energy in Buildings Department of CENER is focused in the study and application of the energy in the built environment. It works to promote a new and more energy-efficient architecture and city planning, where renewable energies play an essential role, consistent with the energy and environmental context, and in line with the European objectives to mitigate the effect of climate change and to reduce energy dependence.

The EDIF Dept. develops research projects that propose new energy concepts, which bring us a step closer to the scenario of zero-energy buildings and of smart cities and low emissions, working for public administrations and private enterprises, collaborating with architects, engineers, manufacturers and developers.

• Energy and environmental consultancy
• Development and optimization of constructive systems and elements
• Energy refurbishment and urban regeneration
• Energy efficiency
• Energy certification
• Main R&D projects:

– EU-GUGLE: Smart Cities. FP7 (2013 – 2018).
– ENTRANZE: EACI. IEE (2012 – 2015)
– Saguaro (2005) / Rockwool International Project.
– Design, construction and monitoring of a solar chimney (2004-2006)/ Ministry of Education and Science.

ZABALA is an independent international consultancy firm (SME) founded in 1986 specialising in comprehensive consultancy services for both R&D and Innovation management. Customers range from industrial or services enterprises to regional, national and European administrations. Its mission is to make innovation the key factor of competitiveness for both companies and administrations. A multidisciplinary team of +240 professionals covers all the technical and economic fields of our customers: engineering in different disciplines, socio-economic, legal, journalism, administrative, etc. The head office is in Pamplona (Spain). It has branches in 12 locations.