Investments in Energy Rehabilitation in Social Housing Neighborhood

Mobilisation of Private Investments in Buildings will address the investments to be carried out in a set of privately owned apartment social housing buildings, built over 25 years ago and being highly energy inefficient, in different municipalities of the region. To do so, NASUVINSA will set an initial agreement with each municipality, in order to set a Management Office locally in the involved districts, so that the offices can boost the investment among the building owners in a close day-to-day interaction. The Management Office will launch a tender for Preliminary rehabilitation projects and will search for the mostappropriate financial plan, both of which will be explained and offered to the building owners, who will then reach the agreement to undertake the investments.

The energy efficiency investments will mainly involve development of the following measures:

  • Energy retrofitting of thermal envelope

  • Energy efficiency improvement of the thermal energy supply installations

  • Renewables

Five buildings from diverse municipalities has been chosen as objective projects to implement energy retrofitting investments in the first phase. In total, there are 438 dwellings and 2 district heatings.